Episode 205: I've Got '80s Problems (But a Bitch Ain't One)

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After leaving the secret agent universe, it would take a mean feat to top the excitement and intrigue that the gang experienced. Eh, the hell with that. We're doing an '80s high school movie universe instead.

Even with the (seemingly) drab circumstances, there's still plenty of riveting Donkey Kong Universe discussion to be had! Chad and Hyle dissect Mario Party 9, Mario Tennis Open, and Donkey Kong 3D rumors in their trademark "too hot for TV" (because nobody will hire them for TV) style! Then, they take a look back at their own tragic school experiences in the first installment of Precious Memories! If that's not depressing enough, your own self-esteem will take a hit when they reflect on the biggest bully in the Donkey Kong Universe in Obscure Character Showcase!

After BIDET goes around the bend a bit, they talk about a game that's similar to the DKU in If You Like The DKU! Then, inspired by their setting, Professor Slush calls for a history lesson on the decades before Donkey Kong Country! But will any knowledge learned be enough to escape... Friday night detention?

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Special Thanks
    Janell McCanna
    Alastair Craig
    Matt Cornah
    Jeff Onan
    Ben Sciortino
    Jeremy Thorn
    Andrew Buchanan
    J. R. Stone