Episode 206: Shell Game

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The cast continues their universe-hopping tomfoolery with a stop-off in an underground mobile alien fortress inhabitated by a feudal Japanese ninja tribe. Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, the alien-partnered feudal Japanese ninja tribe doesn't see it that way, and it leads to Chad and Hyle getting tortured in the worst way ever devised by man. Before that, however, they have an all-important discussion concerning the possibility of a Camelot-developed Donkey Kong game and Banjo characters in Minecraft! Their circumstances also make them ponder a mutant freak in Obscure Character Showcase!

Afterwards, the cast helps one of their listeners straighten his cluttered love in Men Are From Treehouses, Women Are From Save Points! However, can they resolve tensions amongst themselves, or will it take a new Master Debater to mend the brewing racial cold war? Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall of sound!

Of course, it wouldn't be The Vine if there weren't life-and-death consequences at stake, and this episode is no different. Will humanity be enslaved by invaders from an alternate dimension... or will they find saviors from the sewer? Order some pizza while you can, because Obamacare is about to price it right out of your budget for some reason.


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Special Thanks
    Alastair Craig
    Janell McCanna
    Ben Kosmina
    Scraps' Girlfriend
    Jeremy Thorn
    Andrew Buchanan
    J. R. Stone