Mario Tennis is fun. And to prove my point, here are my Mario Tennis GBC First Impressions. And if you want anything more creative than that for this update, well you can bugger off. I've already wasted all of my creativity for the next month.
Update by Aussie Ben.

We've been newsing the past few days, honest we have! But the spoiled lot of you don't consider News an actual update, so Ben figured it time to take action and write an editorial-type thing, titled Genre Busting Conker's Bad Fur Day. It gives Slush and I an excuse to be freeloading bastards tonight, so do enjoy.
Update by Chad.

Happy Australia Day! What's Australia Day? I'm not sure myself, but Chad and Ben insist it's real. Anyway, we've updated the Conker's Bad Fur Day Movie Parodies Checklist, furthur strengthening our "damned lazy" image. And good job on the animated gif, Ben. For a second I thought it was a GAMECUBE movie!
Update by Slush.

It's my mind - or acid-induced vomit. I present to you my first Animated GIF! And, to celebrate, we're going berserk thanks to its epilepsy inducing colours and giving you a double helping of Conker's Bad Fur Day goodness. Wheee! So - first off is an update to the Movie Parodies for you to question the meaning of life over. AND! There's also the latest Screenshots for you to enjoy/scowl in disgust at.

Wanna hear the REAL 12 Tales? You must be 18!
Update by Aussie Ben.

How do. Tonight we've got none other than a new Artwork for you. Tomorrow expect a sopping, maggot-infested load of Conker's Bad Fur Day info, as IGN64 plays it first-hand in Las Vegas. And those of you who read yesterday's feature will be glad to hear that despite legal complications (apparently there are no birth records for the name "SirSlush2"), Ben and I have successfully committed Slush.
Update by Chad.

Tonight I present a Feature that I wrote detailing how I'd like to see the often rumored Super Smash Bros. 2 pan out. I present to you Super Smash Bros. 2: I Did It My Way. If you were a fan of the original, you should really check out this insightful look at the possible sequel.
Update by Slush.

Tonight we present, for your pleasure, an enjoyable feature entitled Why The Banjo-Kazooie Sandcastle Codes Are Not Legit (and other pop favourites). It brings up some great reasons as to why the CHEAT codes aren't the true way to getting the secrets, so you may want to read it and be thankful you didn't enter the sandcastle codes.

....you didn't enter the sandcastle codes, did you?
Update by Aussie Ben.

After much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much effort, I finally got this Ssslumber biography up. Not that Ben would be doing this update. Nosiree. It's me. Chad. Really.

Update by Chad.

I say I say I say we have the BFD Speculation Center tonight. Hooh-hah! Texas is where they make the hot sauce and this is a hot one right here! *Swig* Yeee-hah!
Update by Slush.

How would YOU feel if you were risen from the dead...and crammed into a rotting body? Well, that's just great. Slush is off involved with some foreigner called "edyookayshun", Chad's busy making voodoo dolls from Juju Bags, and I'm stuck with the update. Well, pah! I'm showing them. I went and watched "Meet The Parents" instead, and am doing this Mario Kart Advance Screenshots update two days from now. So there!
Update by Aussie Ben.

Sorry for not having a very substantial update tonight. I had written a big article about why the Banjo-Kazooie sandcastle codes are NOT the official way to get the secrets, but my computer decided to freeze as I was proofreading. It's rather late, and I'm in no mood to rewrite it, so you can have Two Artworks, and this wallpaperalicious picture I was going to put in the article. G'night.
Update by Chad.

We have for you a new edition of Letters tonight. You're welcome.
Update by Slush.

How in God's name do I make an update about Artwork sound interesting? Hmmm...I could say that using a highly complex system of pulleys and levers, our artist drew tonight's artwork with nothing but their tongue. But I'd be lying. Tongues have more artistic ability.
Update by Aussie Ben.

A two day update hiatus? No, of course not! As stated previously, the days nothing is here, there definitely will be new content on the News page. But since there's no news tonight, Ben decided to flip this new feature your way. It's Never Trust Grinning Barrels! I haven't actually read it myself yet, but it got critical acclaim from...... Ben. Yes, well, that, or you can look at this new Artwork. Lactose free, or your money back.
Update by Chad.

I drew a picture. Just a new Artwork tonight. We would have had more, but I'm really depressed right now.
Update by Slush.

Tonight, Chad's worked his fingers to the bone in bringing you a thrilling feature, titled Completely Pointless (And Often Harmful) Fun Things To Do. If it's got that many capitals in it, it must be excellent, so go and read it, orright? Good. Now, I've got to take a nice long rest after spending a lot of money, so if you'll excuse me...
Update by Aussie Ben.

Before I start off, yes, I know there wasn't an actual "update" yesterday, but since the splitting of the Updates page for convenience, we can no longer use News as a stand-alone "Update". So any day the content is not refreshed, something will definitely be in the News section, as were two sexy items yesterday. Or we've failed you, and deserve to be maimed. Anyway, tonight there are three new (slightly old) Mario Kart Advance Screenshots, courtesy IGN Pocket.
Update by Chad.

Now that it's finally the new millennium, arguing about when the millennium started is really a moot point. Anyway, I hope everybody is pleased with the changes we've made to the site. Don't forgot that the News page is going to be updated constantly, and will be seperate from the day's update. However, tonight's update expands on something Chad reported on yesterday, and that's a render found at Conker.com. Leave it to us to overanalyze the smallest things, but here's a little essay-type thing titled What's The Deeeal With That Mystery Rodent? and three new Artworks at no extra cost. If this is the proof that you wanted that we are sick, sad individuals, then we hope we've found what you were looking for. Update by Slush.

Well, the last couple of days certainly have been thrilling, haven't they? Yes, well, while the news hasn't exactly been pouring in for the past few days, Chad and Slush thought they'd make up for it by making me do the update. And we certainly have some news for you this fine New Year's Day! First off, providing the Y2K Bug hasn't come on the first day of the real millenium, you can probably see that the site has gotten a bit of a makeover. Colours and pictures and links, oh my! And if you check out the Editors page, you'll notice a few changes there, too.

But you say you want more? FINE! We'll give you more, at no extra charge to you! If you have a gander in the Interactive section, you'll now notice that we have a shiny new Chat section, just waiting for you to sign in and spout forth your incoherent gibberish to the rest of the world. The Accounts section has been permanently moved to the Features section. Accounts will no longer be maintained as we felt that they take the focus off of the rest of the site. And finally, the Updates section has been split up into two different sections: the Updates section, which will provide you with site update information such as biographies, game information and the like, and the News section, which will continue in bringing you the latest up-to-the-minute DKU news.
Update by Aussie Ben.

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