Sorry about the lack of any real meaty updates lately. If this site was a TV show, we would have "jumped the shark" by now, but there's just nothing really going on right now. The N64 is on it's death bed, and we're at the point where we're simply waiting for GAMECUBE info. Plus, since we only concentrate on a specific set of games, we're SOL. Anyway, tonight we have some additional Artworks, and a new Feature. Spoon!
Update by Slush.

Ahhhh! You're not getting any work out of me today - I'm playing my Suicine Blue Gameboy Advance. Pretty pretty pretty. And if you don't know what a Suicine is, then remember: Ignorance is Bliss. GBA IS AWESOME!! BRING ON DONKEY KONG COUNTRY GBA! THE BLOODY BOOT UP SCREEN HAS LENS FLARE! AHHHH!

So here's some more Artwork - keep that mail coming, everyone. The more mail you send, the more quickly you get a new mailbag.
Update by Aussie Ben.

Woot! Oh - what's this? Why yes, we have a new Artwork tonight! They've been becoming higher quality as of late, so we'll probably start to use some discretion in posting. We can't just fill that page with Ronny H. and Santiago Lopez pictures, you know. Right, that's it.

Oh, hang on, we seem to have one other thing... the Donkey Kong GAMECUBE section makes its debut, crap temporary logo in tow! We figured we may as well get the section going now, so we can run with it the very second info is released (not that we're expecting that any time soon, mind).
Update by Chad.

No update last night? Pardon me, sir, we had a (very cool) news piece which has yet to be touched on in the Bulletin Board. Somebody talk about it, already. And tonight, we all but solidify our "lazy-ass" image, letting CammiLuna grace the Artwork page with another superb submission. Huzzah for the Rarebox!
Update by Chad.

KrazyKID87, the savior that KrazyKID87 is, comes out of hiding to provide us with not only an excellent Artwork, but is also lucky enough to ... er, that's it. Night!
Update by Mexican Slush - Bringing Mexican culture into your home for 30 years.

Cammi Luna, the saviour that she is, comes out of hiding to provide us with not only an excellent Artwork, but is also lucky enough to be one of the newly added Links to other sites! I can't think of anything else that's creative to say, so just spend 3 hours looking at Rare Anime pictures like I did. Night!

Oh wait - there is something else. Chad updated the Drone List with some Bad Fur Day characters. Huzzah for pointless tasks!
Update by Aussie Ben.

Once again, Chad updates out of sequence due to a presence lack on Ben and Slush's part. No worries, though... I've been busy for the last four hours getting pictures of the Banjo-Tooie drones for our Big Ol' Donkey Kong Drones List (In English). Sorry if some of the shots are slightly odd - you have no idea of the toll a large drones list update takes on the brain.
Update by Chad.

Well, I'm not going to be able to make it to E3, so to make up for it, here's some really important news on Banjo-Threeie.
Update by Aussie Ben.

Yeah, I know we've been doing every-other-daily updates for about a week, but don't worry - it's not a lasting trend. We just have absolutely no news to report on. In fact, this boredom has gotten so bad, Andrey of RareOps and I were sending each other wav files of our shoddy CBFD impersonations. That smoothly brings us into tonight's update... The Most Important Biography You Will Ever Read.
Update by Chad.

*clears throat*

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome. A history lesson is usually dull and boring, but in this case, it's fun and exciting! Be sure to check out Slush's latest update to the Time Vine, which quickly sticks a band-aid in plotholes (if applicable) of the DKU. Take a look, and if that's not enough for you, then you can bugger off.

Kidding, kidding. Here - have a biography.
Update by Aussie Ben.

Whoa, sorry for not updating the other night. I was in bed with two girls and couldn't be arsed. But here I am, with a brand new biography new feature!!! Yes, it's The Gradual Death of "Cutesy" Games. As usual, there are CBFD spoilers. I'm getting tired of warning you about that in my articles, so go out and beat the damned game already. That's it, I'm off.
Update by Chad.

Tonight we have a snappy little bio of a real man's man, Jolly Roger. We've also updated with a News article a few hours ago, but we shouldn't have to tell you that. You should just check automatically.
Update by Slush.

Ah, our noble fans - providing us with ample fodder when my brain is too soaked in alcohol to concentrate. Wonderful. Can you imagine how anything written by me tonight would have turned out? Yikes. This update doesn't count - I planned to get drunk. Ahahaha.

There, do you see the work? Do you see the dedication? Hmm?
Update by Aussie Ben.

Me: Slush, let's get this straight... I do not type like a sterotypical British person, so whenever you write my updates, don't put "cheers, sods" in for no reason.
Slush: I just do it to piss you off. Heh heh heh...

I love you too, Slush. Unfortunately, I don't think my little friend here can say the same. Heinrich.... kill.
Update by Chad.

Well, tonight we have a new Reader Review featuring DKC2 as the game of choice, another one featuring Mario Tennis (GBC), and a new bio centering around the character of TED THE BOAT BUILDER! That's correct. The camera's favorite character finally gets profiled. Grab the lotion and the tissues, Our Friend.
Update by Slush.

Success! Another update! I tell you, sometimes I just scare myself. Anyway, this one's a Mario Tennis GBC Review - now with extra...love? Plus, we have a Canary Mary Bio Deluxe. Our Friend was working on his Feature, but after he previewed some of it to Chad, Chad said he couldn't do it, and if he did, Chad would quit the site. So view what little was done of it here. I don't know, the colour purple is screaming at me again. Why won't the chanting stop? And then my cat started stalking my eyelids.... I don't fell slleepyyy.... 6ytytytubhynj8uyh76bu7j8
Update by Aussie Ben.

"can you take care of the update?"

THE F-CK IS THIS? Slush was supposed to do an update last night, but bailed out. Now he sends me a letter and says that he can't do it tonight either, and that OUR F'N FRIEND of all people will be doing a Feature instead tomorrow. I swear, these people are a pain in the arse. So all we have tonight is an Artwork. Cheers, sods.
Update by Chad.

Oh hell yes! Donkey Kong's Jungle Vine is back in operation. Oh, right, and I'm back on staff along with Chad's inanimate roommate (the non-blowup doll one). The past few weeks of site turmoil have all been leading up to April Fools 2001! YES! Hey, don't condemn us to hell just yet... we could have given you something in the vein of Wild Kongo: Mating Season. This was a lot more ironic (and sexfully sassy), don't you think? Besides, I still owe Chad $270 for my share of the server and bulletin board, and he won't let me off that easily. See you tomorrow.
Update by Slush.

Guess what, buddy? About time the FAQ was updated! YES SIR! More coming later tonight!
Update by Aussie Ben.

Our first update as FREE MEN! YES! We decided to start things off on CWPB with a bang... two new features! That's right, it's Poke-Philosopher Pikachu's Meaning of Existance and Ben Interviews POKEMASTER CHAD!!! Have a good time, pokepals!
Update by Chad.

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