All right! We had seven or eight people who were insane enough to actually find the solution to yesterday's waste of time. Andrey has the complete list of people who e-mailed him with the number "2467", and for some reason mysteriously disappeared before the update, but I do know that Gizmo was the first, so kudos to him. We'll be posting the complete list of the perseverent few tomorrow, but in the meantime, here is the prize, as it's sure to be posted on the Bulletin Board any second: in the tradition of the "Mr. T vs." internet series, we're proud to present Mr. T vs. Donkey Kong!
Update by Chad.

Boy do we have a confusing something for you tonight. Unfortunately, only viewers with broadband access will be able to view it, because if you aint broadband, chances are that your comp will crash and die. Why, you ask in anti-climactic resentment? Well, the page I link to HERE has 5004 tiny Conker heads on it. Not only that, but each head is numbered in sequential order via alt tags. Your mission, as dedicated readers with nothing to do, is to find the head with a different alt tag. A special alt tag. A FUNNO, if you will. Then, Email Me and tell me what number it is- by looking at the number of the one next to it and doing a bit of math.

The first person that gets it recieves exclusive access to a secret URL with an awesome Vine Special Feature thing on it. If that's not a motivator, I dunno what is. And trust me- you want to see this. Chad said it would be funny if there WAS no special Conker head, but I assure you there is. So go and have a look. If you're broadband, that is. If not, asses to you, I guess. You'll just have to wait till someone finds it, gets all the credit and reveals it to everyone else. I love teamwork.
Update by Andrey.

There's nothing like taking the credit for other people's updates. So let's do it again. Let's kickstart it off with a good old Reader Review from...oh, let's just say it was from me. That works out nicely. Then we've got a hearty beef-'n'-potato sized Conker's Pocket Tales MP3 Selection - also from me.

And to round it off, we've got my Totally Random Late-Night DKU Abuse - even though it's got Andrey's name on it. ...oh, wait - that's the one I don't want to take credit for. You can keep that one, Andrey.
Update by Aussie Ben.

Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers page? UH HUH!
Update by Slush.

Pfft. Don't ask me what Slush was talking about with the second link yesterday - there certainly wasn't an update to the Artwork page. But I just got done revamping it TODAY, so it'd do you good to take a look. It's been split into two: Artwork, and Artwork (by definition). The former also contains a new Featured Artist Gallery, the first of which featuring Cammiluna. Great work, Cammi! Oh, and there's an excellent new colored pencil drawing in the Artwork page that's work a look. If all goes as planned, we'll have something else later tonight. Seeya's.

Slush: Thanks for the kind words Chad, but I trusted you to get the revamped Artwork section done last night, and guess what? You blame it on me! Haw haw, I don't care. You know why I don't care? Because it's late, and I'm cur-razy! My spelling is terrible tonight, but somehow, I managed to get a typo-filled Banjo-Tooie section done for the TimeVine and a brand new Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge Speculation Center. Keep in mind that I wrote this when I was tired, so there are typos a plenty. Now, I bid you a good night.
Update by Chad.

When you think of excitement, you think of Donkey Kong's Jungle Vine. When you think of Donkey Kong's Jungle Vine, you think of a slightly polished but still not quite totally updated all the way to the present TimeVine. When you think of the TimeVine, you think about soup cans. When you think of soup cans, you think of Andy Warhol. When you think of Andy Warhol, you think of a wonderful new hand-drawn Artwork. When you think of Artwork, you generally think of crap. When you think of crap, you think of Donkey Kong's Jungle Vine. When you think of Donkey Kong's Jungle Vine, you think of excitement. Excitement is not really relevant to tonight's update, making these assumptions totally worthless.
Update by Slush.

Myron il est un bleu!!!Ah, wonderful - tomorrow is a very special day for me. But, more about that when it comes. Heh heh. Until then, Chad has been kind enough to let me take the credit for his hard work and announce his update, which is a shake-your-groove-thang Animal Buddies Checklist. Hahaha - oh, I just embarrass myself more and more each day, don't I? And seeing we're being completely random tonight, the next paragraph will be entirely in really poor French. Oui.

C'est Myron! Attenzione!! Il est Myron! Myron, le bleu un plaedough figerurine. Myron est approvez un La Vache Koung's Roupe Foilage spideurweb site pour tres congratulationez. Voulez vous coucher avec moi, c'est soi? Avec, sisteur, vite sisteur! ...je suis desolee. Ferme le porte! Avec!! Avec!! Est un tres bonjour avec un chapeau pour un Cammi Luna. Bonjour, Cammi! Je suis desolee! Hahahaha! Je suis insanine. Au revoir!
Update by Aussie Ben.

Well, Eł is over and we can all finally go to the bathroom at the usual intervals again. Finally, our brains can cool down and things can start making more sense as we sift through the large, moist pile of info the expo has left on our doorstep. In the wake of Eł and unbeknownst to anyone, Rare have uploaded extra screensites of DP and DoKR onto the webshot. Or something to that effect. The point is we've taken them and applied em to our own respective sections, so click on The Unnecessarily Long Donkey Kong Racing Screens Link or the Much Shorter SFA: DP Screens Link and prepare to be shot in the face with bullets made out of Flubber. Tomahawk Joe likes pudding too.
Update by Andrey.

Okay, let's see... we did a ton of small random site stuff tonight, mostly building up the new sections. We get the Super Smash Bros. Melee area up with dozens of shots - from today and yesterday - as well as wallpaper and the standard General Game Info. There's also been a great amount of reshuffling in the Order of Releases, reflecting the known releases of nine upcoming DKU games. Other than that, there's probably little random bits showing up in the sections that aren't highlighted in here, so if that's the case, feel free to go to the games section on your own accord.
Update by Chad.

Well, since no-one announced it, the Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet has been updated with screenshots and the like. And yes, that is the official title, for the final time - accept it. I know I have. Most of DP seems to be intact anyway, as Krystal and Scales are still mentioned on Rare's site. Let's hope Randorn makes it in too!

The Donkey Kong Racing, Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, Diddy Kong Pilot game pages have also been added, with screenshots a-plenty and the known Game Info. Take a look-see, and while you're at it, keep hitting the "News" link every five minutes to see if we've updated any more.
Update by Aussie Ben.

I swear, people better start helping out around here come Wednesday or Ben and I will die from exhaustion. I really should be preparing the site for Eł, but for some reason I decided to update my Completely Pointless (And Often Harmful) Fun Things To Do feature with one addition, and videos for the whole lot of nine. Cheers.
Update by Chad.

Success! It's me, with a delightful Donkey Kong Country GBC Review. That's right - a review! Something actually worthwhile!! WOW! Not only that, but we're on a roll tonight - we've also got Cammi popping in for a guest appearance with a fantastic wallpaper that you can nick from the increasingly popular Artwork page. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the News because it's going to be buzzing with activity in about four days time.

On a sadder note, Douglas Adams, the creator of The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy and many other fine books sadly passed away. Please take a moment of silence for him, and take the time to read one of his books if you haven't heard of him.
Update by The Poor Bastard Who Had To Clean Up All This Page's HTML.

Following a surprisingly good dkvine chat this evening, we felt a bit of Eł preparation was in order - here's the skeletal structure of the Super Smash Bros. 2 section. Crap logo attempt naturally in tow.
Update by Chad.

Nobody walks away without a prize when I'm in my special mood. Here. Taste from the small, round cider dispensor that is the DK GCN Speculation Center. I writ it up special just for ye. Then we can all laugh cheerfully and stare up at the stars. As long as my hands are on the wheel, who cares which way I turn it?
Update by Andrey.

Happy Cinco De Mayo.
Update by Slush.

What did the skinny tall man say to the large, sweaty, hair-dryer-shaped man? He said that there's a new staff member on the Vine! What else did he say? Nothing. Because he was shot. But that's not important. What's important is that you must now go to the Editors' Section and gawk with child-like indifference at my biographical tidbit. Jokes on you, mother nature- I have a sun-roof.
Update by Andrey.

We've decided to update with another new biography, as there really isn't anything else to talk about (besides Super Smash Bros. 2, but we addressed that in the news a few days ago). So here is a tale of Master Jiggywiggy, with only 50% made up bullshit for your reading pleasure. Or displeasure, if your fancy takes a liking to it.
Update by Sanford and Slush.

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