Yet another gigantic Artwork update. There are two new artists - Chiphead and Sarah, as well as one and two new submissions by Cammiluna and Panu respectively. And there might be some new trash in the By Definition page, but I can't remember. Doesn't much matter anyway, really. Oh, and depending on how much longer Ben's disappearance lasts, Letters will be up soon (see: a week or two).
Update by Chad.

Nobody seems to be around anymore...ever...and to top it off, I got really peeved today, so guess what your punishment is? Why it's yet another rousing round of unscheduled DKU Abuse! With all the fixins too. I hope somebody shows up here soon. I'm all alone and my pants are filled to the brim...just. You know. FYI.
Update by Andrey.

This isn't a *real* update per say, and we're not trying to pass it off as one, but we thought you might like to see it. It's a staff meeting that Slush, Andrey, and myself participated in regarding an image in the News page. Ben was probably asleep or something, so he wasn't able to participate, making it all the crazier. This just lets you know the effort that goes into even the smallest things on the site. Hit this link with the understanding that we say sh-t and f-ck too many time to censor, so we didn't bother.
Update by Chad.

Days on end without updates? Complete radio-silence? Where has all the steroid-overdosed, hard-nosed journalistic violence gone, you ask? Why nowhere, of course, It's right here. Have a look at this rant about Shigeru Miyamoto. DKVine is back, baybee! Or, more accurately, DKVine is claiming it never LEFT, baybee!
Update by Andrey.

Alright, dere, how ya doin'? Come o', come o', what've we got today den? It's a bituva FAQ rehaul 'ere. All de old crap's been taken care of, so you don't 'ave to read trough all dat, okay? Alright, now, on ya bike.
Update by Chad.

There have been a bunch of gradual submissions to the Artwork page. A bunch. There's a new very vulgar and completely WRONG picture by a new artist, but that's countered in full by the return of Cammiluna, two new pics in tow. Woo hoo! Oh, and there's also the usual load of new slop in the By Definition page.
Update by Chad.

We were working all night on this for you, so you better enjoy. We fixed a few errors on the Order of Releases page. Damn, I be good.
Update by Slush.

Hey! Ben! Your hour to return has expired! In fact, it expired two hours ago. So here I am at 4:52 AM, writing an update. I should, for all intents and purposes, already be asleep, but I started trying to redesign the Artwork page (again) and couldn't stop. Ah, how I love a good old nine-hour time difference and resulting conversational mishaps. Oh, by the way, I'm alive and well after the stupid Houston flood, and I'm not homeless, but I am left without DSL, and since I got rid of Phone Line 2 with the cease of my dialup use, I can only use Phone Line 1 in a limited capacity. In short, don't expect much from me for a few weeks. Night night.
Update by Chad.

After you experience the pure thrill of pressing the enter key repeatedly to neaten out HTML text for half an hour, nothing beats a totally nonsensical feature, which is what we have for you tonight. Whoopee. With no more news from Chad aside from the previous email contact, it's only a matter of time before Andrey and I kick back and relax and let Slush get lost at a Seven-Eleven again or something. Personally, I can't wait.
Update by Aussie Ben.

We're going to have an actual update later tonight, but I thought it would be nice to update our readers about Chad's status. I just got this e-mail, from Chad himself.

Unless you've been watching the news (which probably only applies to Slush, considering I doubt Canada and Australia would give an arse, I've been flooded out. Whooeee! I'm at a neighbor's house, who has a working 56K modem (ooough), and I have my computer set up upstairs, but I have no idea when they'll get my DSL service up again. So I'm not alive, but the downstairs of my house is rather out of commission. I've got insane piccies of all the water and such, and I'll upload them for you to see whenever I get my connection back. So just... eh... don't reply to this because I'll be damned if I check MrBartS@aol.com, I just don't have OE configured on the neighbor's computer. Yeah, take care of the site, blah blah blah, don't know how long I'll be gone, etc.

Slush: If Andrey and Ben disappear too, I'll f-cking kill you if you do another Buck Ass Slush Week.


So, yes, Chad's fine. Out of commision, but fine. I thought I'd share with you the e-mail, so you could hear it from Chad himself. I'm kind of upset in a way, because I was ready to do a Chad tribute feature or something to remember him by. Now we don't get sympathy. Bah. Seriously though, we're glad Chad's okay, and this gives me the oppurtunity to do WHATEVER CRAZY ASS SHIT I WANT (Ben and Andrey are more permissive than Chad). Yah haw haw haw...

LATER THAT NIGHT: Okay, so this is what I call the Bob Saget version of wild and crazy: My Mario Tennis GBC Review.

(Gives the "I'm sorry" puppy look, then dry heaves in your face, prancing away like a fairy)
Update by Slush.

Have you ever seen the Tundra? No? Well that's one thing we have in common. Did you know that currently, somewhere in the world 15,000 people are homeless, and 18 are dead? No? Well I did. How close to me do you feel now, Higgins? Eh? It's also an interesting fact that this very place happens to basically be Chad's lawn. We haven't heard from him since Friday and are hoping that he's alright- enduring power outages and flooding alike. I'm sure you'll all light a candle with me and cross your fingers for Mr. McCanna. It just wouldn't be the same without him. On a lighter, or darker note depending on how you look at it, I have another Totally Random Late-Night DKU Abuse for you. Give it a go, a whirl or even a spin if you must. You know you want to. Or at least I know.
Update by Andrey.

Only a president this moronic would have this as one of his site's addresses.Rarewhere...excuse me, Rare Limited's site (blegh) posted two new Dinosaur Planet wallpapers today. Being the devious bastards we are, we uploaded them, and are offering them on our site for no apparent reason other than the unlikely event that they're taken off of Rare's site. Check them out here. Rock on my little vikings, and turn that frown upside down. Summer is unofficially here!
Update by Slush.

Okay, let's see. Not much today, save a new handdrawn anime comic thing on the Artwork page. I do my best to understand our artwork submissions, but then there are some that just defy all reason. You'll see what I mean. Oh - it's not exactly relevant, but tomorrow Evolution comes out, which looks really cool. Note my liability-free use of the qualifier "looks".
Update by Chad.

Ah- an interesting twist in your journey sees you here once more, I minister. In this joyous case, I am sure it will not trouble you, but in fact the opposite to lire through my Call For Acceptance? And perhaps afterwards if you are not too weakened at this late hour, you may enjoy a brisk dance through Chad's Gregg Biography? Let us be the first to know if you are troubled in any way. Any way at all. Or not, of course, whatever floats your boat- billows your sail- tickles your pickle or whatever the saying is, I suppose.
Update by Andrey.

All right! Who doesn't love completely unprecedented tropical storms flooding your house and roads under three feet of water? Living 17 feet above sea level rocks. Anyway, here's a new edition of Letters that we finally tossed together after lots of yelling among the staff and a long talk about our relationship, following. We're working on getting a better system for Letters (akin to the way those bastard Nintendorks do their DRC's), so hopefully it'll make it easier on the both of us, and mean more frequent Letters in the end. Actually, that's not such a good thing...
Update by Chad.

Looking scarier than this comes our latest Artwork, frothing and seething like a rabid dog.

...and about as intelligent. Ho HO! I banish thee to the Artwork by Definition page! Muahahahaha! Oh - by the way - some "Artwork" (and I use the term loosely) has been so bad that it won't even make it onto Definition. We do have SOME standards, you know.

Our Friend: No we don't.
Update by Aussie Ben.

Just before I go to my final resting place (for the night), I thought I'd pop in with a quick update. So here you go. A completely revamped Mobile Maddness section, stuck up for your enjoyment. *snore*
Update by Aussie Ben.

Did we update yesterday? NO? Ah, well. Things have died down since Eł, being a new month and all, so we're going back to our old dependancies on Artwork for updates. It's another really good colored pencil work by that Panu chap. And don't worry, sucka. Letters are in the works. Er... fool.
Update by Chad.

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