* Aussie Ben shakes fish vigorously * Well, since we've had such an overflow of DKU-related news lately (no, really, we have - you have been checking the News, haven't you?), I thought I'd give us all a well-deserved change of pace with a whopping-big, gob-smacking Diddy Kong Racing review from me. I knew it was just what you wanted, so I'm sure you'll all look at it right away. And if you don't look at it right away, I'll have to...


Oh, it's too late. You've started me now.
Update by Aussie Ben.

Try and imagine yourself in the late nineties. You take your first look at this six-foot source code as you enter a clearing. It moves like a text file - lightly, bobbing its head. But you keep still, because you think that maybe its visual acuity is based on movement, like the FAQ page - it'll lose you if you don't move. But no. Not the Artwork. You stare at it... and it just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side. shwish And the Artwork: By Definition... you didn't even know was there.
Update by Chad.

Pouring out like an outburst of diarrhea after taking five consecutive laxatives is our update of FOUR NEW biographies. (Aren't you glad you waited?) Tonight's contestants are Krunch, Pipsy, Bubbler and Taj; let's give them a round of applause, everyone.
Update by Aussie Ben.

Although News has been updated over the last few days, we've really been slacking, as our personal lives are busy one way or another. Expect an update later tonight.
Update by Slush.

A month or so ago, the staff was discussing that there weren't many good DKU Flash movies on the web. Meaning, you always see these really insane Mario or Pokemon movies that barely make any sense at all, yet make perfect sense in the broader scope of things, but never any that represent the Donkey Kong Universe. So Ben spearheaded an operation to change this, and the fruits of his labor can be seen here. Click it, won't you?
Update by Slush.

Yes, we know YBK has practically updated more than us this month, but what can we say? We're pathetic teenage/twenty-something slackers who can't be bothered talking about computer-generated minions of Taj and such everyday. Actually, we were going to update last night, but the FTP was jammed for some reason and we couldn't get in to work on the site. Oh God, we're just so very pathetic. Anyway, all we have for you tonight is a bit of a news brief if you're not in the know yet. DKJV Radio has a new IP address. Point your Winamps over to, okay?
Update by Slush.

Ben wrote some new bio. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to try Mountain Dew Code Red in can form for the first time...
Update by Slush.

While this is the first update of the month, we should mention an event that happened two days ago. YBK, the site we had the faux war with earlier this year, closed its doors for good. They gave as good as they got, and we salute them. Today, however, their legacy lives on with a new Conker's Bad Fur Day Reader Review, written by one of their staff members. Farewell, young YBK.
Update by Slush.

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