Nothing reminds our readers that we're alive better than not updating. Even if we were all dead, I'm sure we'd somehow update more frequently than we do now. Now! To contradict myself!
Update by Aussie Ben.

Donkey Kong desperately searches for quality launch software. Well, well, well. It seems that the Nintendo console market formerly known as "dead" has been given a breath of life, in the form of GAMECUBE. The sad part is, that breath stinks. Keep in mind that these are only our opinions, but Andrey and I both got the system, and are finding the initial software lineup to be lacking tremendously. About the only title worth purchase is Rogue Leader, and for me, Star Fox is the definitive space shooter series. So basically, if you don't have enough money to get a GAMECUBE now, don't worry. The first real killer ap is Smash Bros. Melee, and it comes out in two weeks. But hey - the system itself is promising. The graphics are wonderful, the controller is heavenly, and the internal clock is quite useful. Oh, tonight's update? Well, while it's not directly Donkey Kong related, here's the beautiful, ambient, tranquil song that plays on the GAMECUBE Bootup Menu.
Update by Chad.

Image reluctantly made by Schroe.  Thanks. Alright, alright, as I've been feeling terribly guilty for duping our readers (along with a few staff members) into believing that Waluigi was in Wario Land 4, I've been playing it constantly to search for him. I've played it over and over, and I think that the image on the left sums it all up. So fret not, my little pumpkins.

But it's still a good game. Charles Martinet does Wario's voice again. You know, the guy who did him in Mario Kart 64? That alone is a good reason to buy this game. The absence of Waluigi is another.

Slush: Sigh, Ben forgot to tack the actual update on. No matter, here it is. On the eve of GAMECUBE's release, we present to you... 25 Reasons To Buy An Xbox Over a GAMECUBE?
Update by Aussie Ben.

Hey, our readers have woken us up from our pre-winter hibernation! Hurrah! Well, we'll still probably not update tomorrow, but here's a brand new Donkey Kong Country (GBC) Swanky's Strife to hold you over until we get in the mood again. Ooh, anticipation. Molest it.
Update by Slush.

Okay, you know how it used to be that you'd go to the DKJV Radio page, and you'd copy and paste that long strand of numbers into your special Winamp bar, and then nothing would happen, and you would start panicking and Baby Jesus would cry? Well all that's over now, so Our Lord can kick back and listen to some decent DKU tunes instead of bawling his head off, for a change. Now with three times the stupid internet commercials! Also, on the 31st of October, our friends at RareOps celebrated their first birthday. And even though they didn't mention DKVine on OUR birthday, I feel I owe it to them platonically, because I used to work there. Or wait- maybe they DID wish us a happy birthday, but I don't know cause I didn't check if they updated. Wait- that makes me the soul-less bastard, doesn't it? Crap. Here, here RareOps. Many more to come, we hope.
Update by Andrey.

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