The last update of the year. If you've been paying attention up to this point, you should realize it means the 3rd Annual DKU New Years Forecast is up. Chance of cameo games now only 28 percent!

Update by Slush.

Huh? That's right you miscreants, Letters makes its grand return, just in time for Kwanzaa and Boxing Day! What will be said this time around? What wacky shenanigans will transpire? Oh, my heart can only take so much suspense!
Update by Slush - The Ghost of Christmas Depression.

The package is empty, but the message is clear.  Be Santa and you'll need a coffin next year!Oh, look at this! It seems the Bulletin Board is back up, and fully operational. Before January, Chad? That's right, unnamed reader! Merry Christmas, don't get too drunk, and don't be naughty prematurely... Spontaneously Exploding Santa comes tonight!
Update by Chad.

Heaven help us all - they're back, server space donated by Schroe of Schroe. Don't go doing anything crazy now, or we'll have to...do...something. Bah. I'm never any good at threats. Merry Christmas if you get nothing else from us.

Chad: Oh sh-t.... can you say that there are 8 new ones somewhere in there?
Ben: No.
Update by Aussie Ben.

Gasp. Have you people seen the new Star Fox Adventures Screenshots? I mean... sweet zombie Jesus.... they have in-game furry shenanigans in a first-gen game. This can more than excuse the omission of "Dinosaur Planet" from the game's title. Man oh man oh crap. Oh, and the third live broadcast was a success... download the archive here.
Update by Chad.

Wheeeoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Right, as promised, I'm going to be doing a live DKJV Radio broadcast before Christmas - in fact, I'll be doing it tomorrow! Tune in Thursday at 5:00 PM Central US time, and Friday at 10:00 AM East Coast Australia time. We're probably all aware that Ben's broadcast got a less-than-stellar reception, and I don't blame him at all... I think it was due to the direct interaction with the people in the mIRC chat. I'll be declining from going to the chat, but you guys can feel free to. Just like my first broadcast in August, I'll be accepting questions via e-mail, so send all your inqueries my way and I'll address them on the air. Cyber air. Cybair. Whatever.
Update by Chad.

We here at DKVine believe in milking things. After all, if you don't milk a cow, then what are you going to drink when you go down to the steak restaurant in your leather jacket? Anyway, with this pro-milking attitude in mind, we intend to milk Ben's mind-bogglingly live radio broadcast for all it's worth. We intend to milk that cow until it begins to resemble a horse. So here's a link to it, in its new archived home. That's more than four megs of download for about half a minute of solid talk, mind you. The rest is girlish giggling and heavy breathing. But I won't mock Ben and make him plot to kill me here in public. Instead, why don't we retire to This Feature, where we can mock Ben behind his back! (Don't worry. His computer doesn't show hyperlinks so he won't be able to see where we go.)

Say, while we're on the subject, I've always wondered whether I should make the word DKVine a hyperlink. I mean, when we talk about other sites by name, we always link. So, logically, the same should go for DKVine. But why would you need a link to it if you're already here? But what about consistancy...it's a bloody paradox is what it is. I think I'll go make faces in the wind. Perhaps it'll freeze that way and I'll be more attractive.
Update by Andrey.

Live Chat has been and gone, so if you missed it, well...too bad for you. Luckily both the Chat and the Broadcast were logged, so those should be accessible soon. We also held a competition during the broadcast, and the winners were Sparky_Z, SeanKingGCN, HappyBob and lastly, Behonkiss. You're damn lucky that these four answered questions correctly, because for each one they did, you get a bit more of an update. Congratulations - here's what you won for everyone: biographies on four Conker's BFD characters! Oh yes.

Experience the thrill that is the life story of Ron, the Uga Deity, Regan and The Experiment. Beware those of you who haven't played BFD - some of these biographies contain spoilers. Onward and upward!
Update by Aussie Ben.

Just a quick note to let you know that there's going to be a live DKJV Radio Broadcast on Sunday(America)/Monday(Australia). If you're on the east coast of Australia, tune in at noon - if you're an American-central-time kinda person, it should be around 7pm. Ish. Roll up in chat around then to get all interactive with me for an hour (or so) of fun and music. Come into our fancy mIRC chat if you have some questions to ask - I'll probably be addressing the chat more than the wishes of my superiors. And *sigh* yes, I'll be playing the SSBM MP3s. The ones that we've received an amazing amount of abuse for taking down.

Really, some people are just ungrateful.
Update by Aussie Ben.

Oooh. Sexy. A couple new Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet Screenshots to drool over. Check out the swamp one. Treetop Town, anybody? ....anybody? ....screw you all.
Update by Chad.

Well guess what, hedens? Looks like our desire to do something nice for you has once again resulted in a violent backlash of malice and contempt. Thanks a lot, adoring public. Actually, it's not that horrible, but all those nifty Smash Bros MP3s that Chad so graciously uploaded turned out to be in such high demand that our bandwidth went through the roof and brought our friends upstairs down on us like Al Roker on a crowded escalator. But seriously folks, because of all your off-site MP3 linkage, we've now had to not only take all of THEM down, but remove the forum until January as well. Bummer, huh? Looks like there's no URL links in this update either. That's either 38 or 39. Maybe 37. But who's counting, eh? Not me, apparently. On a lighter note, here's a funny word: Turdsmurf.
Update by Andrey.

You see? You see? The crappy updates were just because we had ABSOLUTELY NO games to talk about. But now that we do... have 10 more Smash Bros. Melee MP3s.
Update by Chad.

Donkey Kong's Jungle Vine Chat returns! But was it ever really gone? ...well, no. But in any case, it's all shiny and new and open for business, nestled in it's cozy little IRC home. Check out the link for all the grimy details on how to access it, but beware Mucousy Vulture. He'll do more than bite.
Update by Aussie Ben.

What's this? What's this? There's music everywhere! What's this? What's this? There's nostalgia in the air. What's this? I can't believe my eyes, I must be dreaming, wake up Chad, this isn't fair! WHAT'S THIS?
Update by Chad.

PREPARE YOUR BLADDER FOR IMMINENT RELEASE! Tonight there is something so incredible, so amazing, so wonderful, that even a wooden post would be amazed! ...that is, if wooden posts could be amazed. And they were animated, and could talk, not to mention think. Then they'd probably say something like "Wow, Donkey Kong's Jungle Vine's update for December 4 was certainly amazing, wasn't it?" Well, actually, now that I think about it, they'd probably say something more like "It certainly is amazing that I'm able to talk now, isn't it?" or "What wonderful weather we're having today, eh? I'm impressed, and I'm a wooden post.". They probably wouldn't be interested in an Internet site's update. Heck, they probably don't even have the Internet.

Oh, right! The update! Super Smash Bros. Melee MP3s, plucked directly from Chad's innocent GAMECUBE disc. Don't demand more, because the poor thing's still recovering from an exhaustive workout that it's had in its initial night of play. Let's just hope Chad doesn't wear it out down to a melted globule of pitiful plastic.
Update by Aussie Ben.

We suck hard. I mean HARD. But you know what? In two days, our mindnumbing DKU drought comes to an end with the release of the cheap crap-on-the-DK-series-fest, Super Smash Bros. Melee! Anyway.... hey, look! Look at this! Looklooklook! Is it really a Crystal Caves Medley worming its way through the rotting corpse of our supersaturated server space?
Update by Chad.

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