What do you get when you cross a lazy editor with a new StarFox Adventures screenshot? An acceptable update! Haw haw!
Update by Chad.

Anybody care for a butter-tart? No? Oh, very well. Have it your way, I'll eat them all myself, then. Sad? Well how about I share with you the knowledge that we have a new Featured Artist loitering about in the appropriate section? And she can make Candy Kong from DK64 look presentable too, which is a bonus in my books. Still upset? Well, too bad- I just ate the last butter-tart. But before I go, I guess I could clue you into the fact that you don't need food in life to keep you happy...oh, and butter-tarts cause such a river-dance in the intestines that liver-draining is like a tickle in comparison.
Update by Andrey.

February fourteenth? Why yes, it's that wretched holiday known across the country (globe?) as Valentine's Day. As a dedicated purveyor of useless Donkey Kong junk, I found time between my ceaseless Moon Pie bestowments to, at long last, finish the What Obscure Donkey Kong Character Are You? personality quiz. GIGANTIC thanks go to Joey Parrish for writing the CGI script from the ground up. You've been asking for interactivity since we never update the Letters page any more, and now you have a quiz to click through a few dozen times. Order is restored to the universe.
Update by Chad.

Guess what. There's some new SFA screenshots on the page where we typically keep StarFox Adventures Screenshots. There's also two new videos from the game floating around the internet, neither of which do much to make up for the fact that a game that was originally supposed to launch with the system has been delayed until June. Look at the news for details on that nugget of happiness.
Update by Chad.

Sigh. Only four days until Valentine's Day. Four days until the horrible, wretching loneliness in my heart causes me to self-destruct. Before we can get to that though, here's some new fan-@#$%&-tastic SFA screenshots. I hope they make you happy.
Update by Slush.

It's Superbowl Sunday! It's the day after Groundhog Day! It's Mardi Gras! It's... 11 days until Valentine's Day. Damnation, I am not looking forward to that holiday. I may stay in bed that day and just wait for Art Bell to come on. Sigh. Oh well, my good friend and fellow staff member Andrey has written up a short but pleasurable feature entitled All Those Years Ago... Oh, and just to clarify something, we've taken down most of the MP3s from the MP3 pages on the site for now. Someday in the far flung future they'll probably return, but they're gone for now. We had our reasons. Most had to do with money. The Conker's Bad Fur Day ones are still up though, because we love Conker. Love it in the hot anal way.
Update by Slush.

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