Dudley MooreHo there, Walnuts! The DKU newsbench slumbers until E3, I'm guessing, but other things are happening in the world that I feel you should be privy to. For example, a few days ago Dudley Moore lost his life to a rare brain disorder that had plagued him since his diagnosis in 1999. A fine musician, and an extraordinary actor, Moore will be missed. If you have not seen "Arthur", its sequel "Arthur 2: On the Rocks" or "10", I suggest you give one of these a rent. Dudley Moore was a gift to this world and his loss should effect us all. Alright, back to the fabricated world of videogames. Good night, sweet prince.
Update by Andrey.

Mah Gawd! Mah Gawd! Mah Gawd! There's a hoss-wad of Artwork waiting for you. I don't really feel like going into further detail. Too sad. Matters of the heart. You understand.
Update by Slush.

Third Annual Arseademy Awards..... NOW!
Update by Slush.

Chad lets his healthy, boiling rage out, resulting in a blood-pressure raising feature entitled Denouement. And yes, it is a real word.
Update by Aussie Ben.

GUESS WHAT, GUYS! We've got the main pages for both Mario Tennis GCN and Mario Golf GCN fully functional, both with some grainy screenshots! WHEE! Also, I think it's pretty obvious that Diddy Kong Pilot wasn't released on March 4th, so the Order of Releases has been updated to reflect that. Back and to the left, Nintendo. Back and to the left.
Update by Chad.

So what was it we updated with last time? An SFA screen? I bet you were a bit annoyed at that, eh? What with the fact that we could've been PLAYING it by now, had we been living in lollypop land or something. But anyway, to make up for that lousy update, how bout we hand out...Three More SFA Screens! Yessur, hug a rainbow! And they're not even new, either. I'm only putting them up out of obligation! Lets drink to reflexes, everyone! Ugh, I'm in a rotten mood.
Update by Andrey.

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