Ah, Halloween. That special time of the year when kids demand candy or threaten to throw any number of objects at your house. Whilst the kids are out hurling eggs, toilet paper, and who-knows-what-else at the houses of innocent people everywhere, we're throwing something of a different sort at you. And that something is an update. Lo and behold, a new DKU Fearbringers. Now go eat all the candy you've accumulated. If you don't have any candy, go eat all the toilet paper that's been thrown about your neighborhood. It's most likely better for you anyway.
Update by Klobber

Right. Since there's a couple of Xbox games that we know nothing about, why not do a Speculation Center. Also, I've been looking for an excuse to use this picture for a few weeks now, so enjoy that, or something.
Update by Chiphead

Alright, people. The site is in serious need of a major overhaul, update-wise. An update overhaul, if you will. Fortunately, just such an overhaul is about to begin. Right, today we have a Star Fox Adventures Cheat Token guide. Whoo, now those of you who've been dying to know what cheats you can unlock can know, without finding out by playing the game! Stupendous. Next up, we have a Link bio.
Update by Klobber

Sweet Tapdancing Jesus. Five people on the new staff, and updates are more infrequent than when Hyle, Ben, Andrey and myself worked on the site. This is just sad. To the new staff regarding their updating privaleges: use them or lose them. In any case, I've been a busy little non-sexual beaver, navigating Star Fox Adventures multiple times, in order to bump up our Star Fox Adventures MP3 Music section to a whopping 26 - and the file I'm using is only 29% through the game! Also, nobody requested this, but I thought it would be much more convenient if you actually knew what you were downloading, so I added a screenshot for each MP3. Spiffy, no? Man, Galdon looks cool.
Update by Chad

Look here, an update by another staffer! Amazing! Here goes, we have SFA Impressions!! And then...wait, that's it. Yen-joy.
Update by Klobber And His Merry Band Of Updates

Christ, you people are lazy. Pull your own weight, for god's sakes! *cough* Yees. Since no one is talking about SFA, we can't exactly update with much, can we? Take this DK64 review and feast, ya mangy little mutts. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
Update by Sean

Bwa ha ha, we Canadians get to stuff our faces full of turkey a full month before you Americans do. If it makes you feel any better, this Mario Party 4 page makes that turkey want to force it's way back up. Force it back down with a Samus Aran bio. Gobble.
Update by Sean

Banjo and Conker on GAMECUBE? Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers still exists? Have we gone insane? Maybe our updated, reorganized Games page should clear a few things up. And if that's not enough, I have a 1 Vs. 3 Mini-Game Tree Bio. Still not good enough? How about some new Star Fox Adventures MP3s that Chad ripped? Now go away, but not before sending me letters, dammit. I don't want to update Letters with safe ways to add three inches to my penis.
Update by Chiphead

In our continuing mission to laugh in the face of inconsistency, I herald you a mighty SSBM Story So Far, once again rescuing the TimeVine from the verge of collaspe. It's a hard days work, this is.
Update by Sean

I'd say this is long overdue.
Update by Behonkiss

Oi, mack, what do we have here? A wild Artwork is bashing the cages of it's confinement - Poor Klobber nearly got his arm torn off. On the more quiet side of the pond, we have an updated Order of Releases, getting rid of obviously-cancelled games and porting others. *cough* And if you'll notice on the sidebar, poor old DKJV Radio has gone the way of the DoKRdo. Blame Live 365, this was out of our hands. Nyes.
Update by Sean.

An update from someone besides Sean, Sparky and Klobber? Haw, haw, too bad it's a sucky one. Nothing more than an updated Brentilda Clues List. Ah, well, life goes on and I'm too lazy to give you anything else.
Update by Behonkiss.

Monotony knows no bounds.
Update by Sean.

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