Picture taken without permission from the Miyamoto Shrine. Do I smell site war? No, I don't.Two updates in a row? Not THIS staff, I hear you call. Well, sort of. I regret to inform you that Donkey Kong's Jungle Vine is shutting down... again. Now hold the weeping! It is only a temporary disappearance. Our server demanded payment a short while ago that we could not make, and while we have the money now, they won't take it. The server will shut down in a few days. We are incredibly sorry for the inconvienience (pffft) and will work around the clock to get the Vine onto a new server as soon as possible. Oh, and happy birthday, Shigeru Miyamoto!
Update by Sean

Star Fox Adventures General Game Info! Star Fox Adventures Story So Far! Now sod off!
Update by Chiphead

Ha ha ha, we are pitiful, aren't we? We had a viable excuse this time around, so you have no reason to stab us with your pitchforks. Won't stop ya though, will it? Ah, well. What do we have to update today? A Mario Party 4 General Game Info. Oh YEAH, we suck.
Update by Sean

You want a Feature? YOU WANT A FEATURE?! Then dammit, take this Brave New World, DAMMIT! I want to watch my Spider-Man DVD and procrastinate some more!
Update by Behonkiss

Hey, it's November 2nd. Wee. Do we have something of value today? No. That's not my job. Well, it is technically, but SHUT UP. Take your Update Archives, I'm too enamored with other things to give ya more. Rar.
Update by Sean

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