What have we got on the ol' DKVine grill for you today, you ask? Well, besides lighter fluid. We also have a heaping helping of Star Fox Adventures First Impressions, this time coming to you from Sparky Z. Following up on this, we have Sean's DKC3 Reivew. The artwork section is being worked on; in the meantime, send any artwork submissions to me and I'll upload those, too. Oh yes, and the Features page has been updated to show the newer features.
Update by Klobber.

More Star Fox Adventures madness with some First Impressions, followed by some old shit you don't care about madness with a Big Ol' DKU Stuff Update (in English).
Update by Chiphead.

Well, then. Well. Then. In all the hubub to get the site up and running, we barely adknowledged that frickin' StarFox Adventures was finally released. Well, we're here to amend that mistake! Good ol' Chad has supplied us with some swank SFA mp3s that he got far in advance, and now they're up, here. Now don't download them in a frenzy to the point where the site crashes down again, or we'll never put up mp3s again. Bishes.
Update by Sean.

Here we go again. When Rare was bought by Microsoft, it was something that Donkey Kong's Jungle Vine would naturally have a field day with. Of course, there was no Vine at the time... but that's all changed. You see, after Green Porn City was shut down, it created the perfect oppurtunity for the staff of the proposed DKVine 2 to move in. Now with the original server their's, it's not a sequel to the original, but THE original. Just think of it as DKVine getting canceled, then renewed at the last minute for the fall season. Also, don't regard this as a cheap imitation of the original. All five new staffers are very capable, or the original staff wouldn't have given them the torch. Read about them here. Plus, the classic fab four (minus the fifth Beatle, Our Friend, who has been in a coma for three months) will still write material for the site on a regular basis. It's a win/win situation. It'll take awhile to get the site updated to reflect everything that has changed since we've been gone, but we'll get it done eventually (ha!). Nintendo owns Donkey Kong, the Kremlings, and Star Fox. Rare owns Banjo, Kazooie, and Conker. It's a very interesting time for the Donkey Kong Universe, and it's good to be back. Now... when should we all buy our Xbox systems?

Here we go. Just under three years have passed since this site was started against our better judgement, and it's spawned into the behemoth you see before you. There've been good times and bad, frustration and smooth sailing, depression and . . depression. Don't let the toll this site has taken on us be taken on you, though. We've heard whisperings that the most intrepid of our fan base will be heading up a DKVine 2 of sorts, so watch out for that. A more active (and officially sanctioned) version of our bulletin board can also be found here until a better solution is brought to light. In any case, before we all move on to bigger and better things, the culmination of this site's mythology and continuity can be found in one last feature: The End. Thanks for sticking with us over the years, sending us thousands of e-mails arguing that Wario is not a Nazi, and otherwise giving us a reason to keep you coming back. Just be sure to check back here on July 1st... or get whacked.

Righty-o - this one's for all you persistent fans (snicker) out there. This feature was due out months (read: a year) ago, but for one reason or another, it never made it out. But here it comes now, in its (still) incomplete form. Presenting I'm Sorry: Behind the Scenes of Popular Cameo Games. Hope you enjoy it - I sure was cringing when I reread it. Cheers.
Update by Aussie Ben.

An update? Well, yes. Don't get too excited space chief, because... well, something new is coming. Its been a long, strange trip, and we'll be back for a giant finale, but the end is near. Check the main page to see what we mean. All main page FUNNOs can now be seen at your leisure at this formally secret location. The DKU explanation page can still be found here.

Now, before you get all teary eyed at what this update means, look at it this way. We're not technically going anywhere. We're still huge Rare/DKU fans, but we're too exhausted to write about Mario Party 4 (with all the same characters as Mario Party 3!) and its like. We want the DKU message to continue being heard forever (or until humans as a race die out), so please, if you feel you must, whoever wants to can take any of our dkvine-related material on the site and use it to start new sites, or on pre-exisiting sites (as long as you mention us somewhere...)

Keep checking back routinely for the big finale, and then keep checking back for something even grander. Something not related to this site, but something even BETTER than Mario Tennis GCN. It's coming, and it doesn't have anything to do with a floating tie, either.
Update by Slush.

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