If only you knew, McCanna.

My condolences to the hot dog guy. I hope he pulls through too. Yeeees.
Update by Sean

I know this isn't my site any more, but I need to get this bad news out somewhere. One of my personal heroes, the Lyndon Johnson lookalike hotdog vendor at the corner of Houston and Elm in downtown Dallas, is very sick. Today I went to Dealey Plaza to visit him, and his replacement hotdog vendor let me know that he recently had four heart attacks, and is not in good condition. Previously I gave him the nickname Dr. Hotdog, but today I learned that his name was Bill. So, Bill, get better! I'm rooting for you, buddy! I really wish I got to know you better, and I hope you pull through.

Oh, and because the staff seems incapable of providing anything of interest for you to look at on a regular basis, there are some new Banjo-Kazooie: GR shots at Rare Witch Project, that game now has a September 12 update in the States, Oct. 3 in PAL regions (though GBA isn't region-encoded), and Perrin Kaplan, some NOA high-up, went into labor while playing DKC on Game Boy Advance. Also, Donkey Konga still needs a game section, so be sure to ask nicely for it.
Update by Chad

Well, finally, the travesty known asthe DKC book is finished. It's gonna be a little while before I start typing the DKC2 book, because I don't want to be known as "that guy who doesn't write anything original". Back to traditional stuff. Oh, and here's a Jolly SFA Revue. These happy DKVine days are here again, at least for me.
Update by Behonkiss


Yes. Yes we do. Remember that bit of site reoganisation I mentioned in my first update? The time has come. Those of you with functional optic nerves will have noticed a new name on the sidebar. The Games page has been divided into 2 sections. The Encyclopedia section deals with continuity, while the Games section deals with the more official aspect. Also, there's a new subsection of the games page known as the Graveyard. I wish there were such thing as zombie video games. Those would be awesome. They wouldn't feed off of brains, but the silicone in breast implants. Then everyone would get scared and have theirs removed, and then they could all give them to me, and I'd make a huge pile of them and sleep on it because it would be so soft and comfortable, in the squishy sort of way.

Yeah, sleep would be good.
Update by Sparky Z

BO SHUDA! That phrase is so nifty. Bo Shuda. Hahah, Jabba rocks. Why am I acting inane? What I should be doing is telling you folks that today is the 4th - count it, FOURTH - anniversary of the Vine's creation! Granted, we didn't do anything for the 3rd anniversary, but that was because there was no Vine then. So we're clear. No, you're not getting anything too fancy, just a new Letters. We've got some more coming later tonight. Or maybe we don't, I can never tell with Sparky anymore. Bo shuda.
Update by Sean

Holy crap, it's me! No, I am not dead. No, I am not on the run from the law. Yes, I am lazy and going back to what I do best. That was fun. Bedtime now.
Update by Behonkiss

We are strong, we are invincible, we are the Order of Releases page. Oh, and the Games page got an addition too. Three guesses.
Update by Sean

WHOOOO!!! I beat Canary Mary tonight!! Since I was busy doing that, I have no qualms about lettting the readership do our work for us.
Update by Sparky Z

Man, it's amazing what massive, country-spanning blackouts can do to get your creative juices flowing. Due to the overflowing amount of good news for the new Donkey Kong game, I felt I had to make a feature to center my happy thoughts. We could all use some happy thoughts!

By the way, when's Banjo coming out again?
Update by Sean

Screenshot Analysis as promised. Or at least part of it. It's taking longer than I thought, because every time I go back to my B-K cart to check something, I have the uncontrollable urge to run around aimlessly for an hour or so. Such is life.
Update by Sparky Z

Yeah, we've been slacking off a little where updates are concerned. We've been getting some exciting news the past few days, though, so things are picking up speed again.

You have been check the news page, havn't you?

Anyway, tonight we have a heaping load of BK:GR Screenshots, with a detailed analysis coming tomorow. For those of you who don't visit the boards regularly, there an interesting theory kicking about that "Its Mr. Pants" is the retooled version of DKCC. No hard evidence yet. And for the final order of business, Behonkiss has been AWOL for the past two weeks. He's left with no notice before, but never for this long, and we've started to worry. Behonkiss, if you're reading this, send us an e-mail or something. Anything to let us know you're still alive, and not on the run from the law, or something.
Update by Sparky Z

Remember when I said I wouldn't be getting Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour anytime soon? I lied.
Update by Sean

Hey, now that we know when Grunty's Revenge is coming out, how about we do some blind, inaccurate speculation? Or maybe some educated, accurate speculation? Goddammit! Too many choices! Here. Take a Mario Party 3 review!
Update by Chiphead

New Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge screenshots.

I'm not kidding.

Later That Night: Now Sean, 4 screenshots simply won't do. Have 19 more from Gamestop. -Sparky
Update by Sean


Beleive it or not, there is a visible difference between regular and italicised periods. If you didn't like that factoid, then here's another. A Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour renders page is up. Feel the burn. My eyes sure do.
Update by Sparky Z

Why do I get the distinct feeling I'm going to be the one updating the most this month? Eh. I wrote a Banjo-Kazooie review for you.
Update by Sean

A fine day to you chaps. Or night, for some of you. Some of you might even be in the dawn. Or what about evening? I've always wondered about the evening. Anyhoo, Chiphead was kind enough to write a Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour first impressions. Don't expect any from me anytime soon, cause the chances of me getting the game anytime before Christmas is next to zilch.
Update by Sean

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