Sorry about the serious update lull. If the college essays you were writing could concievably fuck up your future you'd be inclined to spend a hell of long time time on them as well. More MK:DD!! tosh. See you on another html file.
Update by Sparky Z

We're back from a five-day hiatus, which was largely do to comical mishaps too wacky and zany to recap here. And speaking of zany, I guess I should mention that Nick at Night has pulled the show "Perfect Strangers" from its 4:30 timeslot. Chad, who you may remember from when the site updated more often and less crappily, has started a site to try and undo this wrong. Give him all the support you can, the battle is largely uphill for him and his followers.

Enough about that. Let's talk MK:DD!! With BK:GR having came, sucked, and passed, this game is hopping up on our front burner as the next major DKU title. As such, I felt it was fitting to update with these Checklists (The items and racetracks, specifically). The last batch of current screenshots should be here tommorrow, with analysis maybe following soon after. Also, Artwork has been blessed with some new aditons by both Featured Artist KJ Steroids, and newcomer Banana0911.
Update by Saf

First Impressions They would have been up sooner, but as you might have noticed, I lived on the news page today.
Update by
Sparky Z

Well, since my fellow editors have no qualms whatsoever with going two days in a row without updating, I'll have to fill in again tonight. Without preperation, you'll just have to take these Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Mario Party 5 screenshots. Crappy, yes, but I assembled all this in under an hour. Give me a break.
Update by Saf

It's a week after BK:GR was released. Should we be covering this with stuff? Probably. All you get for the moment are a General Game Info and the Story So Far. Also up is some new Artwork, and a Reader Review, by Jarrod.
Update by Saf

I'll just be frank tonight(with some beans. AHA!): I have the DKC2 adaptation that maybe a few of you have been looking forward to. Trust me, this one's actually gonna be good.
Update by Behonkiss

Hey, all you cool cats out there in internet land! We were planning on updating yesterday, but we were too busy attempting to not forget (As mandated in Section 4.2, Paragraph 19, line 32 of the Patriot Act) to care. To compensate, we have a nice BK:GR First Impression for your perusal. Yes.
Update by Saf

Tsk tsk, Sparky. 'Tis better to take a week's hiatus than to break a promise. Follow my lead and you will be perfect. Anyway, things should be getting interesting soon with Grunty's Revenge and Double Dash nearing release, so maybe we'll get some new info to update with soon.(It's not OUR fault Nintendo's so slow.) In the meantime, here's my very own Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour review. Yeah, I'm surprised I played a sports game too.
Update by Behonkiss

...and here it is. Right on schedule. *cough*
Update by Sparky Z

Screenshot Analysis for BK:GR, with the final installment coming tomorrow two days from now. IGN has some BKGR movies up, but DKVine has entered its SIMBO (Self-Imposed Media Black-Out) stage concerning the game. Media distribution is now in the hands of fans, rather than Rare. They may not care about spoilers, and with only a week to wait, is it really worth ruining the surprise?
Update by Sparky Z


Your mothers are all cows. Buh-bye.
Farewell by Sean

Here I go. As those of you who hang out around the forums are well aware, Klobber, one of the editors who took up here after the good old staff quit, has decided to follow their lead and leave the site as well. We're all sure he'll be missed, and all that buggery. Whatever. The Editor's Page has been changed to reflect this change. Of course, the staff needed to replace to him, so they decided upon me. Yes, you've read right, I, Saf have been appointed to editor of this site. This, too, is reflected on the aformentioned page.

Now, since Sparky wouldn't even give me my first day off from providing useful content, I guess I have to give you something. Ah, here we go. Some new BK:GR Screens will serve nicely.
Update by Saf

I, man am regal, a German am I, never odd or even, if I had a hi-fi, Madam, I'm Adam, too hot to hoot, no lemons no melon, too bad I hit a boot.
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