It is with a heavy heart I must bring to you some news, both good and bad. Unfortunately, the Fearbringers feature for this year will be delayed until tommorrow. Hey, it may not be in-season then, but you'd want a quality piece over a punctual one, right? And as you're all fans of Rare, you should be familiar with the sentiment. On a plus note, the site will be undergoing major changes in the near future, with a complete shift of focus. What exactly I can't say, but keep tuned in to find out...
Update by Saf

Choose your own opening sentence!

a) Lankydavid's been fired cause he's a dick hole


b) That whole Lankydavid thing was a joke, you retards.

With that our of the way, I decided to pick up some of our slack with something even more overdue that a Donkey Konga section: a Mario Golf: Advance Tour section, complete with General Game Info and some equally overdue section, complete with Screenshots. They were supposed to be up a couple of weeks ago, but I've had extremely little time as of late. Check back tomorrow for some considerably less overdue MG:AT screens. And this time we mean it.
Update by Chiphead

Wait, maybe we do need a new editor. I thought long and hard, and had a bit of discussion with Chiphead and Sparklers there, and determined that the best man for the job would have to be the biggest fanatic of the site ever: Lankydavid. Now before any of you hardcore fans get your panties in a bunch over this, keep in mind he can (and will) update daily, with useful content, like his new Feature. So welcome him, he starts mainpage tomorrow.
Update by Saf

A setback, says you? No, Behonkiss was only a sandbag to be cut free so the Vine could soar higher and higher, until it hits the propeller of a better site's helicopter. What I'm trying to say is, Racetracks have been updated for MKDD. Look out for that feature promised in my last update to be along soon, too.
Update by Saf

Ah! Thank you for having the same opinions on that blasted tv show as me! It blows big time! Agh....the songs....Dixie's wardrobe....DIDDY AND DK'S VOICES! DIDDY'S ON HELIUM! DK'S AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN! It's scary and screwy! Thanks, man! -Behonkiss@aol.com

Amazing how silly I was back then. And it was only 4 years.

Yeah, this is it. It's no surprise(hell, I said it would happen soon on the boards), but this is my final update. While I plan to finish the DKC2 adaptation if anyone cares, that'll be it.

Why? Well, the DKU isn't what it was back in the SNES/N64 glory days. I'd say its glory days went out with BFD, becaues none of the following games have been as magical for me. So many negative things have happened because of Rare's departure, causing me to-dare I say it-shift gears. Instead of mainly being a Rare freak, I now own all three major consoles, love Sony as much as I do Nintendo(Maybe even more), and am thinking about titles like Viewtiful Joe and Jak II instead of Mario Party 5 and Mario and Donkey Kong. I've been drawing a bit lately too, which should be involved heavily in my future online ventures.

So obviously, you'll see me again. Just not working on the Vine. It was a blast working here while I was still positive about the DKU's outlook, but all good things must come to an end.

Peace out.
Update by Behonkiss

Shit, we have been slacking off, haven't we? At any rate, expect this to be a fun-filled weekend, with a solid several days updating (A policy I'll uphold, even if it take me being up 'till two every morning), and hopefully a real nice feature'll be up over the weekend. At any rate, Screenshots has been updated with the screens from the official site. Take note that every track in the first three courses have been confirmed now. This will mean an overhaul of the Racetrac's checklist, which should be up soon. But why am I explaining this to you? Better to not tip my hat, I suppose...
Update by Saf

New Wallpaper is up for MK:DD!!, featuring the Mario and Wario brothers, plus one with our lords and saviors, the Kongs.
Update by Saf

The first screenshots of this monstrocity have been released to the viewing public. They actually look alright, for the material they had to work with, but that's not saying much.
Update by Sparky Z

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