Well, the time has come, I suppose. Actually, it came a while ago, but I didn't act on it as a courtesy to my fellow staffers. The fact is, I've always been the driving force behind this site. 9 times out of 10, if there was an update, it was because I told someone to. If I hadn't been there, the site would have fallen apart long before now. That's why I never quit. I didn't want to ruin it for them. If this site could have held up on its own, I would have been gone a couple of months ago. I was sick and tired of nipping at everybody's heels, but the moment I stopped, this happened. Nobody bothers to update for weeks.

There's really no point in continuing anymore. I believe Saf has a couple things to add, and then we're shutting down the site. We'll keep the content up for you to enjoy, and the messageboard is staying, but this is more or less the end. I did enjoy myself for most of it, and I'll admit itís a bit bittersweet to end it, but life moves on. Or maybe it just hangs around on the messageboard until it's 60. We'll have to see.
Update by Sparky Z.

General Game Info for Mario Party 5 is updated, with first impressions coming up this weekend. I can't believe we let that one slip through our fingers the past few weeks. Look out for me to be on the updates page Monday, Wendnesday and Friday, for the rest of my tenure on the site.

Yeah, that's good. I don't want to commit to too long a time.
Update by Saf.

What do the people think of Grabbed by the Ghoulies? Jarrod has just written this site's first review of the game. You may want to grab a coffee first because it's quite a long read. After that, please feel free to join me in laying down some phat beats, yo.
Update by Sparky Z.

Well, I suppose we owe you an explanation, don't we? Well, here you go. When you get done reading that, The razor sharp eyes of some guy named Jarrod has let us on to the fact the Grabbed by the Ghoulies is a DKU game through a Roysten cameo. Go figure, eh?
Update by Sparky Z.

Top Ten DKU Fearbringers 5. Right on schedule, for a change of pace.
Update by Saf.

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