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The Kongversation: Why Donkey Kong 64 Still Matters


"It doesn't. Well said." - Ron Swanson, noted Banjo-Tooie diehard. Nah, the answer is a bit more complicated than that on this special expanded Thanksgiving episode featuring Josh "The Geek Critique" Wallen!


January 2nd at 4 PM in National Harbor, Maryland.

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The Kongversation: Rare at X019


Rare's newest game has nothing to do with scorpions. But, in some small way, it has everything to do with scorpions.

The Kongversation - Interview: Chris Sutherland II


"Make another episode of the Kongversation with Chris Sutherland of Playtonic Games, you COWARDS!!" Okay.


Pendragon is also the nickname I've given my penis. Tee hee!

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Rare's new game is finally revealed.

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Old Rare fans expected to make up their minds and hate it by Thursday night.

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The Kongversation: Dr. Mario World First Impressions


We had a medical emergency! It seems my phone has come down with a bad case of gacha games. Also, those new doctors just flung their poo on the operating table. We discuss Dr. Donkey Kong and Dr. Diddy Kong in Dr. Mario World on the latest Kongversation!


Ed Bryan joins Playtonic as a full-time artist.

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Headline courtesy of Cameron Reigle.

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